The robots are coming!

It’s only natural G,C,T, and A - these four letters are the building blocks of all life on Earth (Dawkins, 140). The form of each living thing on Earth is entirely determined by different sequences of these four letters which make up the DNA alphabet. Each one of my cells (excluding a tiny amount of… Continue reading The robots are coming!


We’d be better off with a little more imperfection

Just about every designer and design agency these days proclaims something to this effect: "we’re passionate about perfection!". As if anything short of perfection just doesn’t cut it. And we’ve become so used to hearing this that it doesn’t even strike us as strange. I believe that this unbridled pursuit of perfection is misguided. Here’s… Continue reading We’d be better off with a little more imperfection

The Burden of Knowledge

When you speak to certain people you sometimes realise that they get on just fine not knowing certain things. In fact, they seem to get on far better than those of us that do know. 'Knowing' seems to be a hinderance to 'getting on' in this life. It creates an awareness that things could be different, for… Continue reading The Burden of Knowledge

Do these four things to feel better in 10 minutes

We all have those gloomy days where we feel like we can't justify doing anything, when we have no answer to the question, 'What's the point?' When we'd rather lay in bed than face the world. Sometimes these episodes can go on for much longer than just a day. I'm not proclaiming to have the… Continue reading Do these four things to feel better in 10 minutes

Improve your life with your mind, according to James Allen

This is essentially a summary of the key takeaways of James Allen's As a Man Thinketh. This book is kind of like The Secret with all the mysticism scraped off. As a Man Thinketh isn't so much about improving your life through happy thoughts (please, Rhonda) as it is about working tirelessly to improve yourself, and learning to rope… Continue reading Improve your life with your mind, according to James Allen

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