Why does Facebook have more assholes than Instagram?

As of January 2017, SmartInsights.com reported that just over a third of the world’s population is now on some form of social media platform. That’s 2.8 billion humans scrolling through endless news feeds. 1.8 billion of those folks are on Facebook, and 600 million are on Instagram. If Facebook was a country, it would be… Continue reading Why does Facebook have more assholes than Instagram?


Designers, our crap is making us crap

Positioning designers as ‘the shapers of society’ may seem a bit ambitious, I know. But what other single profession has a hand in creating the things we own, the vast campaigns which make us want to own those things, the cities we rush around in every day, and even in influencing who we vote for?… Continue reading Designers, our crap is making us crap

Banish your inner editor to help the creativity flow

Halt! So you’ve just gotten your hands on a brand new creative brief. Your excitement is basically dripping off the ceiling. Your creative energy is damming up and is just about ready to burst. You sit down, pencil in hand, blank page in front of you, your favourite playlist is colouring the background. And then:… Continue reading Banish your inner editor to help the creativity flow

Be gone, Maximalism

Fast Company, who are usually on the forefront of forward-thinking design, recently published an article that I have to disagree with. Read it first, and then come back here. Did they really just publish an article promoting consumerism, with some conciliatory bits at the end? It seems like they did. They start by featuring designers… Continue reading Be gone, Maximalism

Defacing An Icon: The Degradation of Church Square

Vincent Vincent has been selling flowers on Church Square for over 50 years. He inherited the flower stall from his parents. He is one of the many informal traders who earn their livelihood on the Square. Under the shade of his gazebo he shared with me his unique perspective of the tumultuous changes witnessed by him… Continue reading Defacing An Icon: The Degradation of Church Square

Ignorance be damned

Why designers should be informed is a simple line of reasoning. It’s based on the premise that any design solution is the culmination of a series of decisions — “Should this button be blue or red?”, “Should I use Helvetica or Baskerville?” "...any design solution is the culmination of a series of decisions..." It follows that… Continue reading Ignorance be damned

The robots are coming!

It’s only natural G,C,T, and A - these four letters are the building blocks of all life on Earth (Dawkins, 140). The form of each living thing on Earth is entirely determined by different sequences of these four letters which make up the DNA alphabet. Each one of my cells (excluding a tiny amount of… Continue reading The robots are coming!